QuietCool Whole House Fans were designed to bring fresh, clean air from outside into your home, replacing the existing air in just minutes. In a world where people are spending more time indoors, it is critical to remove poor indoor air quality that can plague your home.

QuietCool Helps Remove:

  • ​Bacteria 

  • ​Smoke

  • Viruses 

  • Dust

  • Stale Air

  • Moisture 

​A Breathing Home is a Healthy Home:

Poor air quality has become an epidemic across the country. Every home is plagued with airborne illness and more. These airborne annoyances can stay clogged inside of a home for months, polluting and spreading illness throughout your family. Too many people have accepted this as normal when there is a simple solution to the problem!

​QuietCool Whole House Fans are just that solution! These incredibly efficient and whisper-quiet fans can help alleviate these issues at the press of a button!

  • Instantly feel 5-10 degrees cooler

  • Feel refreshed, cool and comfortable

  • Utilize fresh, cool night air 

  • No longer use manufactured and recycled air 


  • Completes air exchange in 3-4 minutes

  • Expels cooking odor, pet dander, smoke, germs, gases, & other unwanted airborne annoyances

  • Gives your home a breath of fresh air 

  • Don't use recycled air! Take advantage of fresh clean outdoor air!


  • ​Energy Efficient ECM Motor 

  • ​R5 Damper Doors

  • ​Airtight Damper Box

  • ​Acoustical Ducting 


  • ​Easy to use

  • ​Up to 100 feet

  • ​Up to 20 switches per fan

  • ​Hide from kids

  • Save up to 50-90% on cooling costs

  • Help keep the world green

  • Use a fraction of energy compared to A/C

  • No longer waste money on A/C use


Hawley & Sons Construction 


  • ​Energy Efficient PSC Motor 

  • ​R5 Damper Doors

  • ​Airtight Damper Box

  • ​Acoustical Ducting 

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